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Located at Brandon Municipal Airport on HW #10, 1.6 km north of the City of Brandon, Manitoba, Canada
LATITUDE: N 49 54' 35" | LONGITUDE: W 99 57' 03" | ELEVATION: 409 m

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In honour of Manitoba’s 146th birthday, 
the Commonwealth Air Training Plan (CATP) Museum 
is hosting a free Open House on May 12th from 10 a.m. to 
4 p.m. at the Brandon Municipal Airport. 
Travel back to the 1940s as you wander through a WWII vintage hangar 
serving as a display area for aircraft, vehicles and hundreds of artifacts from that era.

May 1st begins our new summer hours, 10 am to 4 pm, seven days a week until the end of September.

The Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum is Canada’s only air museum 
solely dedicated to the preservation of those who trained and fought for the British Commonwealth during WWII. 

The Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum is proud to be one of the six Manitoba Signature Museums, 
a Manitoba Star Attraction and a National Historic Site. 
Visit the CATP Museum located at Brandon Municipal Airport, on HW #10, 1.6 km north of the City of Brandon.

For more information about the CATPM’s Manitoba Day Open House, please contact:

Stephen Hayter, Executive Director
Ph: 727-2444  Fax:725-2334  Email: airmuseum@inetlink.ca 


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The CATP Museum is a non-profit, charitable organization founded and operated by volunteers. The Museum is dedicated to the preservation of the history of the British  Commonwealth Air Training Plan and serves as a unique memorial to those airmen who trained and served, and especially those who died, while serving their country in the air war of 1939-1945. 

This is the only Museum in the world dedicated solely to this goal and we think it is fitting that it is located in Manitoba where so much of the training was carried out. At the time the Plan was signed in December 1939,  Canada had only 4,000 people in the Royal Canadian Air Force but enrollment reached 250,000 by the end of 1943.

Aircrew personnel from Australia, New Zealand, England and Canada were all trained under The Plan.  Canada was chosen as the training country because of its preferable climate and the fact it was far from the dangers of enemy activity.  The Plan was referred to by Winston Churchill as Canada’s greatest contribution to the allied victory and referred to by President Roosevelt as the “aerodrome of democracy.”

General CATP Museum Information

To commemorate the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan by
telling its story, preserving its artifacts, and
paying tribute to the thousands of Air Force personnel, 
who gave their lives during WWII.

Summer Hours (May 1-September 30)
10 am to 4 pm ~ Seven Days a Week

Winter Hours (October 1-April 30)
1 pm to 4 pm ~ Seven Days a Week

Adults: $7.50 ~ Youth 6-17): $4.00
University/College (with ID): $5.00
Family rate: $18.00
Under six years old - free.
WWII Veterans: Free and a free one year membership
$3.00 per student for school groups
 (Bus driver and one supervisor per ten students free.
Supervisors must participate in the tour.)
 Minimum price for tours: $25:00
Yearly membership fee: $30:00

For more information contact:
Stephen Hayter
Stephen Hayter
Executive Director
Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum
Telephone (204) 727-2444; fax (204) 725-2334 

Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum Inc. 
Box 3, Grp. 520, RR #5
Brandon, Manitoba, Canada 
R7A 5Y5

Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum: RCAFHMCS Prince Robert: Hillman WWII Scrapbook - RCNXII Dragoons - 26 RCA Museum

CATP Volunteer Webmaster: William G. Hillman
Photos by Bill Hillman ~ Copyright 1999-2016