Mission 2


The display cases on your left contains a number of instruments and articles that were used in the Training Plan.  The first is filled with some of the more every day items you would find on a base, such as dishes, pamphlets, a writing kit.  The case even contains some government over seas issue toilet paper!  If you look closely you will see that every sheet actually has the words “Government Property” on it.

BCATP DishesGovernment Issue Toilet TissueBCATP Money BeltAirman's Gun and HolsterAirman's Writing KitHelmet / GogglesNew Testament Issued to AirmenWWII Ration Book and Other DocumentsGraduation Dinner Menu Course 113: January 23, 1945

The escape axe is exactly the same as in use today.  Before there were electric lights on the runway, flare pots were used. These pots were filled with kerosene, the wick was lighted and the pot was placed along the side of the runway during night training flights.  The Aldis lamp was a signaling lamp and was used to send messages, in Morse Code, from the ground to the aircraft, also, from aircraft to aircraft.  The “Window” was a radar jamming device.  As it was released from the aircraft, the metal foil unwrapped.  The window was sized so that it was the perfect size to deflect radar waves.  The waves would bounce of the window, and would appear on the radar screen as an enemy aircraft.  Hundreds of these would be released, masking the actual plane on the radar screen.   The parachute in the display is typical of that worn by many aircrews.  This type of parachute also served as a seat cushion.

Training Plan Articles DisplayEscape Hatchet
Aldis LampFlare Pot
Window Radar Jamming DeviceParachute: Seat Cushion Style

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