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Renewable annually ~ A membership card is issued
Membership Fees Quoted In Canadian Funds
Renewable memberships expire on the 31st of December each year.
Valid membership cards entitle members to free admission and
should be carried when visiting the Museum.
All members receive the quarterly newsletter Contact.
     If you would like a membership to the Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum,
please print this form and fill in the applicable information.
Mail this form along with cheque or money order made payable to:
Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum Inc.
Box 3, Grp. 520, RR #5
Brandon, Manitoba, Canada
R7A 5Y5
Special Directions or
Thank you for your support of the Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum Inc.


There are two primary ways in which gifts may be made to the Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum Foundation: by  giving a gift of money or securities as a Gift (Inter Vivos) i.e. a gift NOW, or by making provision in your Will for the giving of a gift to the Foundation.  Remember, a Will "speaks" as from the date of death, since Wills are revocable and thus any Tax Benefits of a gift to the Foundation, through a Will, cannot be realized until one dies.  A gift (Inter Vivos)  does benefit from a reduced rate of Income Tax.  So don't wait for Spring - DO IT NOW!

 Bequests made by Will
In your Will, you may leave a lump sum bequest or a bequest of a specified percentage of the remainder of your estate, or a bequest specified as 'the rest and residue of you estate" to the Foundation.  You may also make a gift of  property or securities (bonds, GIC'S, stocks, T bills) to the Foundation by means of a provision in your Will.

Income Tax Benefits
A bequest made by your Will confers an important advantage to your estate when the bequest is made to a  Charitable organization such as the Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum Foundation.  Your lawyer or financial advisor can advise you on such advantages and the implications or limitations of such bequests.

Bequest of Life Insurance
The gift of a life insurance policy can be an effective way of offering a benefit to the Foundation on your death. You may either give an existing policy which you may no longer need or a new policy obtained specifically for the purpose of making a donation to the Foundation.  In both cases, the Income Tax benefits of such gifts can be very   important to the Foundation and to you.  Consult with your Insurance Agent re the specifics of such benefits.

By means Of a Simple Codicil to your current Will.
The following is a simple Codicil which can be added to your present Will:

Codicil Number One to the Last Will and Testament of_________________________

which Last Will and Testament is dated this _______day of_____________19  .

I hereby add to that said Will as follows:

I give, devise and bequeath to the Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum Foundation
the sum of  $________________________ to be paid out of my general estate.

Signed and dated this________day of______________19  ,

in the City of______________________________

Province of____________________________.

Signature of Testator:_____________________________


Address:________________________ Address:________________________

           :_________________________             :________________________

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