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The Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum is Canada's only museum dedicated solely to preserving the history and artifacts of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (BCATP) or ("The Plan") of 1939-45.

The CATPM is also the only museum in Canada with a Chapel dedicated to the 18,039 Royal Canadian Air Force Personnel  who gave  their lives during WWII. The Museum has published a "Memorial Book" They Shall Grow Not Old which contains the biographies of  the 18,039 personnel.

The Museum represents a very significant part of our country's  history. In the twenty years the CATPM has been in existence it has become well recognized as having the most extensive collection of artifacts and information about the BCATP.

The generations who experienced the events of WWII are becoming fewer.  Remembrance Day seems to be a term more suited to those who experienced the war years. The Museum should promote an understanding of the loss, sacrifice, defeat and victory of war. A firm understanding of history is necessary for our approach to the future.

The Allied Victory of  WWII set the world stage for the development of the society we have today. Many of the technological advances we now enjoy have their roots in the work undertaken in times of great duress by many ordinary people. To these people we owe a debt of gratitude.

Begun locally by Veterans and Volunteers, the facility is now a recognized  Municipal Heritage Site and a Provincial Special Theme Museum. The CATPM is in need of support.

If the current generation does not make the effort to preserve, develop and make the many stories and lessons of the BCATP and WWII relevant and pertinent to  the coming generations, they will lose this vantage point  from which to view their lives.

The Capital Campaign is designed to provide the monetary means needed to allow the Museum to be good stewards of the collection.  The existing building needs maintenance, better archives, and modern risk management, for example, Fire Suppression.

The Province of Manitoba provided a one time grant of $500,000 to repair the truss rafters of the hanger that houses the CATPM. The Museum management was able to stretch the funds to repair all of the rafters as well as installing a new roof covering and eaves trough.

The current CATPM board has a vision of the museum becoming a "World Class" facility, an educational and entertaining  experience for its patrons.  Attached are documents that give a more detailed account of the museum and the vision of  its future.

The Goal of the Capital Campaign is to raise 3.5 million dollars. $1 million from the Provincial Government, $1 million from the Federal government and the rest from Corporate Foundations, business and private citizens.

Your support will go a long way towards giving the Capital Campaign credibility making the development of the Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum possible.

John McNarry VP



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