Sunday, June 11, 2000, was Open House and Volunteer Appreciation Day at the Air Museum.  A steady stream of visitors had a chance to see the CATPM hangar before the commencement of the renovation construction project. CATPM volunteers were thrilled to receive rides in two of the museum's vintage aircraft -- a Cornell and a Harvard.

Having spent eight years in the Royal Canadian Air Cadets, I've had the good fortune to have flown in quite a variety of aircraft, but I've never had the chance to go up in a Harvard. I was very excited then,  to see that museum director, Stephen Hayter had scheduled me for a flight in this legendary training craft, in which so many thousands of WWII pilots had trained. The fact that the official CATP Harvard pilot is longtime friend, Howard Pahl, made the flight even more memorable for me.

Digital cameras back in 2000 took much lower resolution photos.
Smaller images were displayed on the Web at that time because
Internet speeds were slower ~ Computer Systems slower ~ Website storage costs were higher
I'm looking forward to making the same flight and updating the photos a few decades later.

In preparation for the flight, my grandson Soulin and I took a solo flight in a Cessna... 
just a short jaunt... we actually didn't leave the hangar -- but our imaginations soared. 
My daughter China-Li and her nephew, little Soulin Hillman, walked me to the Harvard to see me off.
Harvard pilot, Howard Pahl
View from the rear cockpit
Harvard pilot, Howard Pahl
The Harvard taxis from the CATPM hangar tarmac, 
past the main Brandon Airport hangar and 
down to the west end of the runway.
Airborne -- We bank and circle back over the airport with the city in the distance
Brandon Airport
Trans-Canada Highway - North side of Brandon
Brandon Airport - CATPM is the topmost building 
Trans-Canada Highway on the north side of Brandon
Brandon's North Hill Area - Kensington - Sportsplex bottom right
Downtown Brandon
Brandon's North Hill area and Sportsplex
Downtown Brandon
City of Brandon from the air
Cornell in the distance
Approaching the airport while the Cornell lands
Cornell in the distance
Circling the airport while the Cornell lands
Photo reconnaissance mission accomplished
Photo reconnaissance mission accomplished

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