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1. Displays 1 & 2:
Navigator ~ Bomb Aimer
2. Govt. Issued Supplies
3. Display 3: Pilot
Emergency Equipment
4. Displays 4-6: Air Gunner/
Wireless Op ~ Navigator
5.  Displays 7- 9: Flying Corps
WDs ~ Radios ~ Insignia
6. Hangar Displays
Vintage Aircraft I
7. Hangar Displays:
Ground Vehicles ~ Aircraft II
8. Displays 10-13: Uniforms
Emergency Eq. ~ Souvenirs
9. Displays 14-21: Base Sites
Ground Crews ~ Medals
10. Display 22: 
Manning Depot ~ Photos
11. Workshop Displays:
Restorations ~ Blackboard
12. Behind the Scenes
Volunteer Areas
13. Chapel
14. Souvenir Shop
Bolingbroke On Display at the Comfort Inn onTransCanada Highway
T-33 Jet Trainer at Entrance to Brandon Airport & CATP Museum
Commonwealth Aircraft Museum
Wind T - Wind Direction Indicator
Our museum is staffed mainly by volunteers and funding is mainly through donations and admissions.  This is the only museum, in the world, dedicated solely to those who trained under the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan. It is a unique memorial to the many thousands who fought, and of course, who gave their lives in the air war from 1939 to 1945.  At the time the Plan was signed in December 1939,  Canada had only 4,000 people in the Royal Canadian Air Force but enrollment reached 250,000 by the end of 1943.

Flags of the 29 Allied Countries

Aircrew personnel from Australia, New Zealand, England and Canada were all trained under The Plan.  Canada was chosen as the training country because of its preferable climate and the fact it was far from the dangers of enemy activity.  The Plan was referred to by Winston Churchill as Canada’s greatest contribution to the allied victory and referred to by President Roosevelt as the “aerodrome of democracy.”

1. Visit our museum in person.
We are open seven days of the week. Upon entering the huge WWII-vintage hangar which houses our memorial displays, you will be issued a personal tape player which will provide an ongoing commentary as you visit the exhibits.

The tour normally takes about 30 to 40 minutes but you can choose your own speed. After viewing the museum once please feel free to return and take a detailed look at any of the displays in which you happen to be interested. Before you start please take a minute to sign the visitors book.

CATP Museum Reception Area
Curator Stephen Hayter at ReceptionAudio Tape Player for the Guided CATPM Tour - with Souvenir Badges Display
2. Read and Print Out Your Own Reading Copy of the Air Museum Tour
Go to the TOURTEXT website and read the text-only description of our tour. The text is set up in such a way that you may print it out on your personal computer system printer. You may wish to bring this printout with you when you are able to visit the museum in person.
3. Take a Virtual Tour of the CATP Museum
Scroll down our VIRTUAL TOUR WEBSITES while you read the commentary on the many hundreds of pictures we have put on display.
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