Update from John McNarry
The Flying Committee is preparing for this year's Flying Display at the Museum with flurry of activity. Harvey McKinnion our Chief Pilot has brought on new volunteers: Peter Moodie, Bill Oke, and Al. All are high-time, well-experienced professional pilots with a real interest in supporting the museum.

Peter flew Vintage Wing's Cornell on the Yellow Wings tour last year. Bill is an ex RCAF fighter pilot and currently President of the Winnipeg Chapter of the Recreational Aircraft Association. Al is a Pilot at Calm Air and also leads the Swing Band we had at our Flying Display last summer. Great guys and good help!

We are planning an event similar to last year's Flying Display, but to hold it earlier on June 21st. We hope to have four of our own aircraft flight worthy and have some guest aircraft as well. Ross Robinson has agreed to bring his exciting Douglas A-26 back, along with his Mk4 Harvard. Vintage Wings will bring their P-51 Mustang and possibly the Boeing Stearman. We hope to have our Harvard, Cornell, Stinson, and just maybe the Tiger Moth, operational.

Jan and I took the Tiger Moth fuselage to Lyncrest Airport on Saturday May 12th and the crew there are going to finish painting the wings and go over the fuselage as they mate the freshly rebuilt wings to the fuselage. The horizontal stabilizer and rudder will also be repaired and recovered. This will put our Tiger into very good condition and it can get back to fullfilling its role as the Flying Ambassador of our Museum. Exciting!

Jill Oakes and the crew at Lyncrest have done an amazing job on the Tiger. Check out

~ John McNarry ~ May 13, 2012
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ON MAY 28th and 29th

 The arrival of a beautifully-restored 1941 Boeing Stearman biplane tells the story of one of Canada’s proudest achievements, the massive, homegrown effort to build airfields and train hundreds of thousands of allied World War II aviators. The Yellow Wings pilots will meet the public and media to talk about the significance of their historic plane, operated by Vintage Wings of Canada.  People who choose to sponsor the aircraft will be able to go for a flight in this biplane that served in Canada training Commonwealth pilots for the war effort in 1942. 


MAY 28TH from 12:30pm (Estimated Arrival from Winnipeg) until 5pm
MAY 29TH from 9:30am until 5pm

Vintage Wings Pilots: 
Todd Lemieux, Ron DuJohn, and David Maric

Throughout the summer, volunteer pilots from Vintage Wings of Canada’s Yellow Wings Program will visit dozens of communities across Canada to pay tribute to a little-known moment in Canada’s history: the World War II British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (BCATP).  Yellow Wings pilots tell the story of the BCATP and how ordinary Canadians from coast to coast came together in what became known as the “Aerodrome of Democracy” to train hundreds of thousands of aviators from Canada, the British Commonwealth and the U.S., in the effort to win the War. One of the lasting legacies of the BCATP was the construction of dozens of Canadian airports in cities such Moncton, Toronto, Brandon, Edmonton, and many more. The Boeing Stearman is part of the Mike Potter Collection of Vintage Wings of Canada. Last summer, the Yellow Wings tour of western Canada tour had 21 volunteer pilots in five aircraft visit 67 airfields, covering 30,000 km. To find out more about the Yellow Wings aircraft and the heroes to which they are dedicated, or to download high-resolution photos, visit 

Vintage Wings of Canada (VWC) is a public charitable organization founded by Ottawa businessman and philanthropist Michael Potter to celebrate our country’s rich aviation history, as well as to educate and inspire Canadians with powerful stories about the heroes, aircraft and events making up this great heritage. VWC’s signature air show, “Wings over Gatineau-Ottawa” – featuring the famed Snowbirds and more than 100 vintage aircraft from across Canada and the United States – takes place at the Gatineau-Ottawa Executive Airport on September 15 and 16, 2012.  For more information, visit 

For more information, please contact: 

Todd Lemieux
Western Canada Director
Vintage Wings of Canada 
(403) 400-1068
Carl Martin
Communications & Media Relations Advisor
Vintage Wings of Canada 
(613) 291-8880

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