JUNE 2012
Update from John McNarry

Re-Dedication of #5 Bombing and Gunnery School
Dafoe Saskatchewan

The CATPM Flying Committee attended the ReDedication of #5 Bombing and Gunnery School at Dafoe Saskatchewan on June the 2nd. We flew the Harvard Cornell and Stinson from Brandon to Wynyard Saskatchewan on Friday Evening. 

Early Saturday morning we were back in the air and landed at Dafoe. The aircraft were arranged as a background for the Ceremony. The names of 42 persons lost at #5 during the training in WWII were read out during that Ceremony.

Following the ceremony the Flying Committee met with the attending crowd and answered many questions about the aircraft and the BCATP. Many of the veterans were very moved to be able to see and touch their old friends. It was also very  nice to enjoy the polite young Air Cadets as they became acquainted with the aircraft. The attending public also exchanged many stories and recollections of past events involving the BCATP.

After a very well-presented Flying Demonstration by Harvey McKinnion in the Harvard, Peter Moodie in the Cornell and our newest flight worthy aircraft, which is also our oldest, the 1939 HW75 Stinson in the capable hands of  Al Fillingham and Jim Oake we flew home Saturday evening. 

For us of the Flying Committee it was a great reward for our efforts and a pleasure to share our collection by honouring those who sacrificed for us.


Ceremony at #5 Bombing and Gunnery Dafoe

Ceremony at #5 Bombing and Gunnery Dafoe

The interior of the Hangar at #5 Lunch being served.


Photos of the Cornell flying level at 3500 feet ASL on route to Dafoe.
Taken from the Harvard MkII as it formatted on the Cornell.

Ground Crew volunteer Alan McNarry in the rear cockpit of the MkII Harvard.
Cornell in the background. A fun ride in a wonderful old aircraft.
But lots of Ground Crew work to get the aircraft presentable after landing.
Wiping oil from the bellies and washing bugs from all the forward facing surfaces.


As chair of the Flying Committee
I'm very glad to have the help of Harvey McKinnon, Chief Pilot
Pilots: Al Fillingham, Peter Moodie, Jim Oake
and myself and Alan McNarry as ground crew.

 All carried out their duties with professionalism and
I'm very glad to have such a good crew to help us
share our CATPM fleet with many other folks as we honour the past.


~ John McNarry
The Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum proudly presents:

A three-set hangar concert by the RCAF Command Brass on 
June 21 starting at 4:30pm and finishing at 7:00pm. 

"Command Brass” is the RCAF Band’s brass quintet. This talented group features two Trumpets, Tuba, French Horn and Trombone and is a favourite at receptions, formal dinners and government functions. Command Brass has a large and diverse repertoire of classical music but is equally at home performing exciting arrangements of jazz, swing, Dixie, latin and pop.  From Bach to Bohemian Rhapsody ... Command Brass adds a touch of class to every event.

Gates open 4pm, $10 per person. Children and youth accompanied by an adult, free.  Come see the historic aircraft up close, a Flying Demonstration will take place at 7:30 pm, weather permitting. 

The Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum is Canada’s only air museum solely dedicated to the preservation of those who trained and fought for the British Commonwealth during WWII. The Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum is proud to be one of the six Manitoba Signature Museums, a Manitoba Star Attraction and a National Historic Site.

For more information about the CATPM’s event, please contact:

Stephen Hayter, Executive Director
Ph: 727-2444  Fax:725-2334 

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