5. Hong Kong

A Struggle for Survival on the Streets of Hong Kong
No. PR592
A Struggle for Survival on the Streets of Hong Kong

The streets of Hong Kong were terribly crowded. It was a constant and desperate struggle for survival. I traded cigarettes for quite a few souvenirs: ~ two carved statuettes which I gave to my mother ~ a silk Kimono and ivory cigarette holder for my wife, Louise ~ an intricately carved water buffalo with a child perched on top ~ field glasses ~ a Japanese bayonet ~ a British Cavalry sword ~ Chinese cigarettes and matches ~ money ~ odds & ends... (August 1945)

Hong Kong Street Scene
No. PR587
Hong Kong Street Scene

The ROBERT was in Hong Kong for over two months but we had just occasional shoreleave.

Shipmates in Hong Kong Rickshaws
No. PR501
Shipmates on Shore Leave in Rickshaws (August 1945)
[According to National Archives this might have been
taken in September and the riders may be:
 L to R: Sig. E. Corey & Able Seamen J.A. Wilcott & R.L. Darjes]

The Hong Kong Waterfront
No. PR586
The Hong Kong Waterfront

The first boat from the ROBERT landed here close to these decorative cannons.

Temple built by Canadian Prisoners of War
No. PR591
Temple built by Canadian Prisoners of War
Victoria Hill, Hong Kong

Admiral Harcourt and Japanese Admiral
No. PR549
Rear Admiral Cecil Harcourt & Japanese Vice Admiral Fujita

Entering the Government House to sign the Armistice. Admiral Harcourt came to Hong Kong later, probably with the marines. (End of August 1945)

Peace Treaty Celebration in Hong Kong
No. PR570
Peace Treaty Celebration in Hong Kong

View from Kowloon of the huge fireworks display across the harbour in Hong Kong. This celebration was on the night of the signing of  the peace treaty. The flares are from ships' guns.

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