Christine Wilson Shares Photo Memories of Her Uncle
My Uncle (who raised me) passed away in 2004 at age 86. I have his wonderful photo album from his time on the Robert, including many of the Official ones for purchase.  I also have a newspaper clipping from eastern Canada.... it's about the dominance of the Prince Robert baseball team. My Uncle is pictured with some of his teammates. I also have my Uncle's war medals from his time on the Robert.... somehow they lost track of him, and only when I applied for DVA benefits for Uncle in 2003 did DVA catch it and Uncle received his medals (a surprise to him).... so they are brand new, 50+ years too late! I recall my aunt said Uncle was a Petty Officer, but in the article he is Engine Room Artificer so maybe his rank changed.

Anyway, I'm enjoying browsing your site, which I know I came across a few years back as well, but here I am again. Thanks for putting this together (oh, yes, I also have a purple cushion cover with HMCS Prince Robert on it...memorabilia?!) Maybe you can tell me something of the pillow cover. I am wondering if it might be from the ship... or if perhaps when the ship was retrofitted in Vancouver maybe one of the stores capitilized on the event and manufactured it? I'll have to locate the pillow cover and scan it another time.... it's bright purple with I think gold fringe.

I'm also a little perplexed.... I know Uncle was on the Robert, but I always thought he was on a minesweeper (I must be getting mixed up). Another confusing thing, when I read the history of the Robert...... it was fitted out in Vancouver in 1943 and shipped out from there. My aunt and uncle were married on June 18, 1943 at Christ Church Cathedral in Vancouver, of this I am certain. It sounds like the Robert had left Vancouver by June, I don't know how it is possible  that he could be in Vancouver getting married and shipped out at the same time! My aunt did tell me stories of how he was in the Mediterranean and walked the rock of Gibralter, and he has the Mediterranean Star medal. They also had their own code language in letters where phrases he used would indicate roughly to my aunt where in the world he was. There is an album full of photos to scan. Attached are some of the photos, a quick scan -- my Uncle is in several of them.  Uncle was an avid photographer, so I imagine he took these photos himself. 

Anyway, here are some of the photos, which I feel you'll enjoy seeing, they are pretty special. I have spent hours looking into the Robert, and it brings great emotion to me, it is truly amazing to see this part of Uncle's life. 

Christine Wilson

Arnold Niskasaari front row, second from the right

  .Arnold Niskasaari

Arnold Niskasaari on the right  .

Photo from the official photographer
In Mediterranean, possibly Gibralter
Arnold Niskasaari on left


Arnold Niskasaari on right

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